Development Team
RottenVille is brought to you all by Cabeza Rota Studio which is a Digital Animation and Illustration Studio from Medellín Colombia founded in early 2013.

Jimmy Morales - Project Manager

Jimmy Morales Co-Founder of Cabeza Rota Studios, a Graphic designer with more than 10 years of experience, specializing in 2D and 3D animation, is passionate about the new technologies and creating inspiring projects with high graphic quality.
Leading the development and communicative sector in the RottenVille team, guaranteeing the needs, times, and quality of each team member, creating and animating graphic pieces in the project.

Juan Lamus - Developer

Juan Lamus is a Graphic designer and developer with more than 9 years of experience, being a Co-Founder of Cabeza Rota Studios, specializing in UI/UX and Front-end Developer. Leading, executing designs on the apps, and web page user experiences.

Jose Galvis - 3D Artist

Jose Galvis an Illustrator and 3D Artist specialized in modeling and texturing, Co-Founder of Cabeza Rota Studios in 2013 gained experience leading huge animation projects.
With the advent of NFTs, we create RottenVille, joining us that way in this revolution, Jose Galvis is in charge to create and supervise the Visual Art of the Rotten, illustrating, in the same way, some graphic pieces for social media.

Emilio - Developer

Emilio is a Backend Developer in charge of the internal functions in the RottenVille applications and web page, creating development processes and focusing on the MINT stages, a cool guy basketball fan, and motorcycle trips.

Sergio Galvis - 3D Artist

Sergio Galvis AKA "El Topo", 3D animator, and Graphic Designer with more than 3 years of experience as a freelancer, focusing on the making of 2D and 3D graphic pieces, faithful believer of NFT space.
Developing and Creating graphic scenes, modeling a great part of the 3D resources of the Collection, adapting the accessories for the Graphic Style in the project.

Cristian Moreno - Growth Lead

Cristian Moreno AKA "Kyonax" is in charge of the Digital and Community growth of RottenVille being the Community Manager on Discord, Instagram, and Twitter, making strategies of Content Creation, creating tools for the Digital adaptation, reviewing and analyzing the customer connection with the project.
Leading the marketing campaigns, and collaborations with other Collections and Projects, designing the sceneries and protocols for the respective communication of the new important news to the digital media.