Beta Phase

Beta Collection

It is our current stage and it is the beginning of RottenVerse. Rottens are designed to full body with a post-apocalyptic artistic vision with a total of TBA NFTs, the core of this collection is an exploration game in the Beta phase.

Value for Beta Holder

  1. 1.
    Interactive 3D Characters give access and interaction within the RottenVerse as a benefit.
  2. 2.
    Have access to the Exploration Game, as well as the possibility of accessing the different stages of the development of the Video Game.
  3. 3.
    1, 2, or 3 Airdrops per Rotten from the development of the Rottenverse.
While the dead find their place, We as Rottens will always stand!


Ummm, here we are again. I don't know if you know, but a nuclear explosion has taken everything away from us... Well, it can't be anything taken away from someone like us.
And although it sounds like a tragic story, it isn't! We have overcome ourselves. Becky Currie in the laboratory wanted to return us to normality, but deep in our rotten chests, We know that we never wanted to be normal again, We are what we are! and We always went Rottens, she has managed to transmute us with four radioactive elixirs that make us more resistant to any radiation, believe me, now we are stronger! 333 of us have already done it, and now they are legends.
We are now ready for exploration, this is our place, and we will never leave! I know that everything in the Village is actually destroyed, but what does it matter? We love to start from scratch. We are people with a very single purpose, and this is… SURVIVE.

Post Apocalyptic NFT Collection

Rotten Ville Beta Phase is an NFT collection built on the Solana network, being the start of our RottenVerse (WEB 3.0) They are Rottens whose only goal is to Survive.

Value to the Holder

Royalties: In the Beta Collection, 3% of the Royalties are for the community and 1% of it will be used to promote Alpha Phase projects. In the secondary market, royalties are 6% divided between community and team.
RottenVerse: Each holder will have access to a verification system with a dashboard where they can view the Rottens as 3d objects, stake their NFT, and access the game.
Utility Token: The implementation of a Token allows the Holders to access rewards by playing, staking the NFTs, being able to make future mints of exclusive events, and exchanging for merch or Rotten Toys.
Game: The Rottens are made to explore RottenVille, fulfilling missions and facing battles with radioactive abilities that will add or subtract life according to the zone, The Rotten will earn some points that can be exchanged for the Utility token.
Airdrops: Each holder will have access to a collectible Airdrop, (an item from the RottenVerse), but also if they own a MintPass they can get 1, 2, or 3 airdrops, each rarer than the previous one.
Rotten-Toy, Merch Store: RottenVille will launch a very exclusive Rotten-Toy limited collection for holders, it will also have a merchandising store with t-shirts, jumpers, hats, etc… that will be exchangeable with Utility Token.
Breeding and Transmutation: Each Rotten will have the possibility of being transmuted and evolved, in the same way by joining 2 Rottens you can get a completely new Rotten with a combination of attributes of the previous two Rottens.


RottenVille Phase Beta is built from over 100 high-quality resources creating unique Rottens differentiated into 5 different rarity traits: Common, Rare, Very Rare, Legendary, and Supreme.
Supreme Rottens: There are 10 Supreme Rottens that are not unique among the entire collection but will also come with a Rotten-Toy, which will be sent free to the owner of a supreme.
The future of the RottenVerse is constantly evolving, always looking to gain virtual experiences by opening up a multiplayer world.