Official RottenVille Whitepaper, last updated April 2022
"An unusual radioactive explosion mutated all the inhabitants from a remote village, creating three Explorations Zones each one with radiation levels higher than the previous one (Alpha, Beta and Gamma) the lives of the inhabitants are all different now, the search for the answers starts on the first zone exploration, Alpha Zone."
Origin of RottenVille

We believe in our project

Utility is now the main feature in every Solana Collection, putting aside the art and design behind it; Rotten Ville is a project that seeks to achieve both in balance, creating high-quality collections with a high utility for the Community, We are in the alpha phase constantly evolving, learning, and winning more experience day after day, just with the main mission of built the RottenVerse and being one of the most important and Community focused project in all the Solana Network.
Rotten Ville is a high-quality graphic project that responds adequately to the technological challenges and trends of the blockchain. We are constantly evolving with/for our community.

More than just a team

RottenVille is a Colombian project created by Cabeza Rota, an Animation and Design Studio with more than 10 years of experience. We are an innovative group of enthusiastic artists, developers, and communicators, who seek to bring all our experience in the different fields to develop a unique project of great magnitude and impact not only in Latin America but also in global resonance.

The RottenVerse is Possible

Rotten Ville is a project focusing on the Community utility, Games, and Web 3.0 created by an Art and Animation Studio called "Cabeza Rota" [more info about who is behind the project] hand in hand with the Rotten Community and The Rottens DAO. The project's main goal is to offer revenues and benefits from our Collections to our holders, giving way to what We call the RottenVerse.
Three phases of Development and Three Collections — We are looking to create a strong project structure based on Community and Development, that's why our project has three development phases called Alpha phase, Beta phase, and Gamma phase each one where we as a Team are focusing on a Collection per phase with utilities and exclusive benefits. However, they complement each other in order to build a self-sustaining ecosystem, working hand-in-hand with/for the community.
Three chapters, One story…
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