Roadmap: Alpha Zone - The Beginning


Important information that you should consider if you want to be a project investor:
  • All dates are subject to change depending on the project's advancements and market situation.
  • The RottenVerse concept is considered to be ongoing work from Phase 1 through the entire life of the project, so be patient and enjoy all the project processes in our own Metaverse.
  • Dates for everything after Phase 1 will be disclosed once available. The project team will grow a lot to tackle all the milestones, so we will plan and estimate everything accordingly to provide always the most updated information.
  • The steps in each Phase are subject to change, depending on the Community and the advancements in the project, remember that your opinion and suggestions are taken into account in this project.


Alpha Zone - Updated 11th April 2022
  • 2021 November: Launch RottenVille Alpha Zone exploration ✔️
  • 2021 November: Launch of the Web Section Rarity of Rottens ✔️
  • 2021 November: Alpha Radiation Discord System ✔️
  • 2021 December: Citizens Consul Holders Club (CCHC) ✔️
  • 2022 January: Animated Elixirs of Transmutation airdrops for Holders (alpha zone) ✔️
    • New Animated NFTs for all the not-listed Rottens
    • Rock Paper or Scissors essence mutability table
    • Airdrop x Rotten transmutation System
  • 2022 February: Implementation of the DAO (The Rottens DAO) ✔️
  • 2022 February: Partners and Collaborations with the RottenVille project ✔️
  • 2022 March: Alpha Radiation now are Rotten Points ✔️
  • 2022 March: RottenVille login site auth for Holders ✔️
    • Auth verification system ✔️
  • 2022: The Rottens DAO Activities and benefits for the Next Zone
  • 2022: Community growth and events on Social Media
  • 2022: Partners and Collaborations with the project
The RottenVerse is our goal and with your help, we will be able to create a new universe full of emotions and adventures come and know what are our goals.
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